The story of how it all started.........

In 2003, after more than 35 years of working in the banking industry, Daniel Elber decided to quit his job to take a long break in Bali, Indonesia, to think about his future career.

Already in his first few months in Bali he met many beggars with their children in the streets of Ubud. These encounters touched and irritated him at the same time. To Daniel, beggars simply did not fit into his picture of this extremely family- and community-oriented society living in a “paradise”. They sparked question after question. Where do these women come from? Why do they have to beg? What are their living conditions? What is the government doing to address this problem and to enable these women to live a dignified life? Would it be right to act spontaneously and to give these beggars money?

The advantage of this long break was that Daniel had plenty of time to research these questions. Although only few people were able to give specific answers, it soon turned out that the beggars all came from the same area in the north of the island, a place called 'Munti" or Muntigunung.

One day Daniel decided to ride up to Muntigunung on the back of the motorbike of Iluh, a balinese lady from Amed, to get a picture of the situation for himself and possibly even meet some of these women he had met over the past weeks in Ubud. Nothing, absolutely nothing, was as he had imagined it to be.

During the dry season, Muntigunung doesn’t have anything in common with the extremely fertile, tropical, humid south of Bali. Muntigunung nearly resembled a desert with its brown landscape and dusty dirt roads. It was hot, dry and a rather inhospitable area with simple bamboo huts. From talking to the locals, Daniel also learned that they had no access to water. Every day, they had to walk for up to 5 hours to fetch water for their families.

On the way back to Ubud Daniel decided spontaneously to organize help for the people of Muntigunung. Friends who were visiting Daniel at the time, Fritz Lienhard and Ruth Moser, immediately agreed to set up the association Future for Children to help the people of Muntigunung. The association was established in December 2004.