The Future for Children association is committed to helping disadvantaged people in Southeast Asia who want to actively improve their living conditions. The focus of our work is the sustainable development of Muntigunung, located in the extremely poor and dry north-east of Bali (Indonesia). We create the necessary conditions to enable these people to take the development of their community into their own hands.


We help people help themselves in a geographically limited area, by holistically identifying and combatting the various causes of poverty together with the local community.

In order to do this, we work together with extremely competent and reputable Indonesian nonprofit organizations. Only Indonesians work in the program location because we believe that the understanding of language, culture and the proximity to the community are key for a successful outcome. It is evident to us that a project is only initiated in collaboration with the community and that they need to contribute their part to its success.

In addition to the much needed infrastructure for water supplies and reforestation, we focus our work on training the community. We limit the duration of each capacity building project (for job-related skills) to a maximum of two to three years. During this time, everything possible is undertaken so that after this period, participants will be able to find work and receive an income from one of the social enterprises established by us. The aim of the established social enterprises must on one hand be to become sustainably profitable, and on the other hand provide employment opportunities with fair wages for as many people as possible. For this reason, we try to avoid the use of machines whenever possible and focus on manual processing.

We develop the abilities of our Project Managers to run the businesses and transfer the responsibility and ownership to them as soon as it is appropriate.