In addition to the solution-based approach of the water and capacity building projects, we collaborate with Mitra Samya on a potential-based approach. The focus is to raise awareness within the community to take on responsibility and initiative.

In other words, it’s about:

- the ability of the community to holistically understand their situation and develop their own hamlet and beyond.
- developing a sense of community, allowing the population to organize themselves and demand their basic rights as citizens.
- enabling communities in their own hamlets, as well as on a village level, to define a vision for their development and to use this as a basis for the implementation of developmental steps and measures.

An education assessment completed in 2015 shows that well over 50% of school aged children do not appear in class. Over 70% of 19 year olds and older can neither read nor write.

Planning workshops across all hamlets clearly showed that the topic of education holds a high priority in many hamlets.

One of our four strategic objectives is for every child in Muntigunung to go to school and complete compulsory education.

We are gradually reaching this goal by supporting the population in realizing their self-defined measures to implement their vision and goals. In the first phase, this is how to create the administrative prerequisites for the school visit. Various other measures aim to motivate the youngest and to prepare them for the school day and to lay the foundations for the support of the education of their children.