A study from 2009 showed that 9% of children die before their 5th birthday due to scarcity of water, diarrheal diseases and the lack of knowledge their mothers have about nutrition or safe births. This figure is well above the national average. The objective of our health projects is to reduce child mortality by 50%.

With the help of a simple, worldwide proven program (CLTS - Community Led Total Sanitation) the team of Mitra Samya helps the community in a playful manner understand the correlation between an environment infested with bacteria and health. The community is encouraged to construct toilets and create an environment free of open defecation.

Two doctors of the Medical Faculty of Udayana University educate pregnant women, mothers and other important caregivers on topics related to healthy diets during pregnancy and adequate nutrition for their infants and young children. In order to reduce the risks of often unavoidable homebirths, expectant parents are for example advised to look out for signs of complications during pregnancy and trained on basic hygiene during birth. Once a month, mothers and their children can attend an on-site consultation with the two doctors. Furthermore, the women are supported locally by a midwife during their pregnancy, at birth and postpartum.

Employees of the Public Health Service (called ‘Posyandu’ in Indonesian) are specifically included in order to raise their awareness about the community’s problems and share the responsibility in caring for the people of Muntigunung. Since many hamlets are very remote, they are often insufficiently covered by the public health service.

Another major problem that affects several areas of life is the fact that a large part of the population is not officially registered and therefore does not have access to free primary health care.