In addition to membership fees, we depend on donations to fund our projects. We keep our administration costs at an absolute minimum and so that nearly the full amount of your money will benefit the population of Muntigunung. Our association is also exempt from tax.

Yes, I would like to support the Future for Children Association with a donation and receive a payment slip.


Donations can also be transferred directly to:

Zürcher Kantonalbank, 8010 Zurich, IBAN No. CH18 0070 0110 0008 0034 3 PC-account No. 85-551834-2

From abroad:

Bank: Zürcher Kantonalbank, Zurich
Bank Clearing No.: 700
IBAN: CH18 0070 0110 0008 0034 3

Or Paypal


Does your foundation want to fulfill its purpose effectively and efficiently? The Future for Children Association guarantees professional and transparent projects.

Our work in Muntigunung is very extensive - we improve the living conditions of the people not only in the long term, but also in a holistic manner. We provide a wide range of solutions:

- Water supply
- Educating the community on the purification of drinking water
- Training the community to acquire simple skills in order to generate income
- Improving health
- Financing of agricultural projects that result in commercial activities.

What we offer you:

- Individual counseling
- Development of individual project financing proposals on request
- Efficient use of your resources and professional project implementation
- Reliable, transparent reporting, including financial reports
- Depending on your preferences: a mention on our website and in the annual report

We are happy to discuss with you a future cooperation. We look forward to your call or email.