In our development center, Yayasan Dian Desa heads the development of new products, mainly made from agricultural crops. This starts from attempting to grow new plants all the way to the development and processing of new, tasty food products. Yayasan Dian Desa is also responsible for various reforestation programs and capacity building projects in agriculture and soil management.


Our goal is to create one job for each family, with an income that puts them above the poverty line. Specifically, this means the creation of around 1,000 jobs.

In our capacity building projects - for example, in the planting and processing of agricultural products such as cashew nuts, rosella (wild hibiscus), lontar palm sugar or dried fruits as well as the manufacturing of hand crafted products such as the weaving of baskets, hammocks and bags - the community has the opportunity to learn a trade and receive a steady income.

A majority of the employees are women who previously made a living by begging with their children in the streets of Bali’s major tourist areas. The capacity building projects are based in hamlets which already have an adequate water supply, as only this allows the community to pursue regular income-generating activities.

After a period of two to three years, the products should be ready for the market, so that the capacity building project can be converted into an independent social enterprise which is no longer relies on donations. These commercial activities are led by Indonesian professionals who led the projects throughout the capacity building phase and were gradually coached to become small business owners.