Cashew Nut Subscription

With our Cashew Nut Subscription, you not only get the regular enjoyment of fine cashews from natural, handpicked production, you also create workplaces and thus a livelihood for families living in the driest and most prosperous region of Bali.

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The Muntigunung Produktevertrieb GmbH is the ‘extended arm’ of the Bali-based social enterprises, which in the meantime employ over 200 people in Muntigunung. These people now work and thus earn an income that allows them to help their families step out of poverty.

This is the only way to ensure the mid- and long-term sustainability of the association's projects. Here is where the Muntigunung Produktevertrieb GmbH comes into play. The company works closely with the business owners in Bali, supports the development of products suitable for the market and manages the sale of these goods in Switzerland. The company is led by Karin Vogt, a long-standing member of the board of the association. Karin Vogt previously lived in Bali and closely supported the development of Future for Children for many years.

The goal of Muntigunung Produktevertrieb GmbH is to further increase sales in Switzerland and substantially contribute to the target that in the coming years, each of the the approximately 1000 families living in Muntigunung will be able to earn an income that puts them above the poverty line.

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