Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise

The Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise is registered under the name of Ferdinandus Hary (Ferdy).

The company purchases raw materials, produces the food products and manages the sale of these products in Bali.

The raw material is sourced locally in Muntigunung whenever possible and then manually processed to employ as many people as possible. If the raw material is not available in Muntigunung, it is purchased in other parts of Indonesia, but processed in Muntigunung.

Processing mainly takes place in our production center, with some products also processed off site in other villages belonging to the Muntigunung area.

Special attention has been placed on a gentle drying process in order to preserve the essential nutrients and ensure the highest possible quality of the final products.


MCSE (Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise) processes food products which are, whenever possible, from Muntigunung or the immediate vicinity. If demand exceeds the available supply of raw materials, additional raw material is sourced from other areas.

The raw material is manually processed and gently dried, on one hand to employ as many people as possible, on the other hand in order to achieve high quality products.

The products are primarily cashews, and secondarily wild hibiscus (rosella) which is processed and refined to tea, sweets and rosella salt. Other products include dried mangoes, bananas, pineapple and moringa leaves which are processed into powder and salt.