Muntigunung Community Social Handicraft Enterprise (MCSHE)

The Muntigunung Community Social Handicraft Enterprise is owned by our long-standing Project Manager Ngurah Putra Wibawa.

The company runs the purchase of the raw material and the production of lontar packaging as well as high-quality hammocks and bags.

The lontar packaging is used to create a high-end gift line combined with the food products.

The type of hammocks MCSHE produces are Central American style - this type stands out with a particularly high quality.

Product manufacturing takes place in decentralized villages belonging to the Muntigunung area.

The MCSHE is also responsible for the export of all products (including food products).


The Muntigunung Community Social Handicraft Enterprise produces packaging from the leaves of the lontar palm tree which can be customized with computerized embroidery or laser printing. These products are particularly suitable for packaging our food products, but can also be individually adapted to customer requirements.

In addition, the company also manages the production and sales of hammocks and bags which are manufactured in our small production centers in Kulkul and Bangun Sakti.