The Muntigunung Trekking Enterprise belongs to our long-standing Project Manager Pande Ketut Pica.

The company operates trekking tours in the project area of Muntigunung, which includes visits to various villages that already have a sustainable water supply as well as an income generating activity.

From the start, the treks are guided by former beggars who act as porters.

A short excerpt from the trekking Guestbook

Meaningful support! We like that the goal of this is to help the community help themselves. The trekking was a wonderful experience, the scenery breathtaking. Sonja and Thomas, May 2010

What particularly touched us, was the integration of the people in the projects. The trek offers a fantastic opportunity to see and experience it all up close and personal. Susanne, June 2010

The trek remains one of our best memories of our Bali trip. We wish the organization continued success. Brian & Maria, July 2011

It is impressive to see what kind of effect a project like this can have. Thank you. Marcela, September 2009

A wonderful experience compared to other tours we did in Bali. Professional organization, wonderful guides. Congratulations on this project. The Rosella Tea and Sweets also taste very good. Stephanie, August 2009

What a wonderful trip, country and people! We enjoyed it. What is done here for the people is very impressive. Lucas & Friends, October 2011

Great trekking. We love the Rosella tea! Craig & Christine, September 2009

We were able to see the real face of Bali ... and loved it. Michel, October 2009

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