Water Means Life!

Our objective is to supply the communities with at least 25 liters of water per head per day throughout the year. The WHO estimates a minimum of 12L / head & day for dry areas. The fetching of water can take up to 5 hours out of the everyday life of the residents living in the Muntigunung region. Thanks to the realization of the water projects, a walk over the mountains to Lake Batur or to the coast belongs to the past. The time gained can now be used productively to learn a trade and make a living.

Yayasan Dian Desa, one of the most reputable non profit organizations in Indonesia, is tasked with the implementation of the water projects. The hamlets are selected in consultation with the communities and determined by a lottery system which was chosen by them. The selected communities actively contribute by executing the excavation work for the communal reservoir.

Although the quality of water in the reservoirs is significantly better than the water from Lake Batur, the communities are trained in various methods of water purification with the main focus being the SODIS method.

On average, 2 water projects are implemented per year. The aim is to create a large community water tank for each hamlet as well as to renovate the existing family tanks and protect them against contamination. We avoid any complex and high-maintenance technologies by building a water collection point in the form of a large roof, which is connected to a large tank.

During rainy season, water is harvested on the large roofs and stored in large cisterns. This has proven to be the only sustainable method of ensuring a water supply. The volume is calculated to supply the community with water even throughout the approximately eight month long dry season.